This is what the donors say

I like that I’m helping infertile couples. It is also a great flexible way to earn extra cash
varun kumar
I feel good about possibly making a difference in someone’s life
It’s a comfortable atmosphere, the paychecks are a great way to buy things I normally can’t splurge on, and the satisfaction of helping others keeps me coming back
harry upal
I like being able to help couples achieve a dream that they might not be able to achieve on their own. This idea of helping others also helps me stay committed to the program for as long as I am able
shaurya bharadwaj

Happy Parents

Snahal Karanja

Thanks to one of their amazing sperm donors, myself and my partner were able to start the family we have always dreamt of having. We now have an extremely happy and healthy baby girl. She is absolutely gorgeous and has totally changed our world

Neha Mehta

I am a nurse, a mother, and perhaps one of your biggest fans. You all have blessed us to no end. Thank you. Our daughter will be 2 at Christmas. As an RN I appreciate the extensive testing that you do to ensure safety and success for prospective families. I deal with many women/families who need to know that there are near miracles just waiting to happen

Geetanjali Maurya

I would like to thank your company for providing the most excellent service over the past several years. Each time I called I was promptly assisted, especially during those ‘living month-to-month times. It is nice to know that your company exists and continues to help many women each day