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Why us?

Whether you're in search of a sperm donor for aid assisted reproduction, considering the preservation of your own genetic material for future conception, or aspiring to become a sperm donor yourself, placing your trust in a reputable sperm bank in Mumbai is of utmost importance.

When choosing a sperm donor from a Sperm Bank, priorities often include privacy, rigorous screening, convenience, legacy, and professionalism. These key factors shape the decision-making process for individuals seeking sperm donation

Exploring sperm donation in Mumbai? Start by checking customer testimonials and online reviews for reputable sperm banks. Arrange an in-person meeting with staff to ask questions, assess the facility, and ensure a personalized experience.

Our highly experienced team possesses comprehensive knowledge of all sperm donation procedures. With all essential accreditation and licenses, our Mumbai-based sperm bank operates with utmost precision and care.

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Happy Parents

Snehal Karanja

Thanks to one of their amazing sperm donors, myself and my partner were able to start the family we have always dreamt of having. We now have an extremely happy and healthy baby girl. She is absolutely gorgeous and has totally changed our world

Geetanjali Maurya

I would like to thank your company for providing the most excellent service over the past several years. Each time I called I was promptly assisted, especially during those ‘living month-to-month times. It is nice to know that your company exists and continues to help many women each day

This is what the donors say

I like that I’m helping infertile couples. It is also a great flexible way to earn extra cash
varun kumar
I feel good about possibly making a difference in someone’s life