Frequently Asked Questions

A sperm bank, semen bank, or cryobank is a facility or enterprise that purchases, stores and sells human semen. Semen is the fluid that contains sperm. Gamete cryopreservation is the technical name for sperm banking and is the cooling and storage of sperm at very low temperatures for a prolonged period. Sperm bank collects and also stores the sperm for future use to help an individual or a couple conceive a baby.
The procedure of sperm donation is a safe and effective procedure. It does not carry any type of risk with it. cu, vix ad tritani ponderum electram, viderer aliquando eam an. Sit ut causae sensibus pertinacia, prima ullum eum ex. Id enim diceret eos, odio brute eleifend eum ex, utinam munere eripuit cum an.
Generally, the Sperm Donor did not get any disease as there is no physical contact with anyone or whomsoever while donating the sperm. It is a very safe process.
A lot of work and testing goes into making sure that a donor will produce desirable sperm. The test will include taking samples of your blood to test for infectious diseases, such as HIV, Hepatitis B, C, etc. and blood samples will be analyzed to see if you’re a carrier of any genetic conditions. The Donor also needs to provide details about the medical history of at least two previous generations of your family. Thus, there are No Chances of a child having any disorder or problem.
A sperm bank is legal but there are some guidelines issued by the Parenting body which is ICMR ( Indian Council for Medical Research) for the sperm banks. Example Donors Age, Family History, Qualification, Blood type, Medically fit, Sample should be quarantined for six months, etc.

No, the biological father cannot ask for money as they did not have any parental rights or obligations depending on the legal steps taken up to the signing of the sperm donor contract or the signing of the consent form issued by ICMR.

The Name and Details of the sperm donor are not disclosed by the sperm banks at any conditions as it is an offense under the guidelines issued by the ICMR.

 No, Sperm Donor is not a parent and therefore does not have parental rights according to the law. As there is already a consent form signed between the client and donor.